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Hot Girl Summer is Coming, Are You Waxed and Ready?

Bikini body or not, one thing we all have in common is humans are hairy! And hair is the last thing we want sticking out of our bathing suit bottoms! You could shave? But razor burn hurts….and it's not the prettiest sight to see at the beach or the pool! Not to mention razor burn takes forever to heal up leaving itchy bumps in its wake. So what should you do instead? Wax my girl, wax! “But it'll hurt” you may be saying! True, it may! I'm not here to lie to you, it can hurt…for a minute! A minute of pain for weeks of smooth, sexy, soft summer skin! Or weeks of itchy burning unsightly bumps? Hmmm. I know what I’d pick! Especially if my wax technician is from Kreashenz Sakon and Spa! Their staff is bar none the best in town! They know their stuff and are passionate about what they do. Still not convinced? So why wax as opposed to shaving? Well, I’ll gladly tell you! For starters, as already mentioned your skin will feel smooth… and even. With waxing, you aren't only removing unwanted hair but also waxing away any dry and dead skin cells leaving supple smooth skin behind. No cuts! With waxing, there is no risk of cuts and nicks that can leave you with scars and your skin at risk for infection. And the crowning jewel of waxing….the more you do it the less hair growth you will have! Yes girl, Yes! It's true! With waxing not only can the hair get lighter but it grows in less over time; because waxing pulls the hair from the root instead of at the shaft like shaving. FYI that's what leaves stubble when shaving, the razor only cuts the hair shaft, not remove it. And another benefit is that sort of five o clock shadow that we can get with traditional shaving, you know what I'm talking about, yeah that. That goes away too with waxing, as a result of removing the hair shaft. Swim weather is almost here are you going to shave every day or wax once every few weeks? Treat yourself this summer and save time shaving…be beach-ready all summer long! Get less hair growth for a longer period of time and enjoy your summer without unsightly razor burn, nicks, or cuts!

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