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Eyebrows…. the real smile of your face! What are your eyebrows telling the world?

Eyebrows are like little smiles over your eyes! "What are they talking about" you might be thinking right about now. Well, let me explain. When your brows are not right, some of us just don’t feel right and would rather hide! When your brow arch is too high you may look surprised all the time. When angry or upset we tend to raise our brows. A misshapen brow can leave you looking aggressive even when you're as sweet as a dandelion! Our brows communicate feelings and emotions just as much and maybe even more than our smiles do.

This is why it is so important to go to a professional to have them done. Someone that can shape your brows in a way that looks natural and fits your facial structure. Nobody wants to look shocked or surprised all the time. There really is no hiding a bad brow job because they are front and center right on our faces. When your brow shape is off it can convey the wrong emotion when speaking to someone. I know ya’ll know what I’m talking about. I mean am I right or am I right!?

People will go to all sorts of lengths to get the perfect brow, from threading to waxing, to completely shaving them off and drawing them on. And don't forget the dreaded unibrow- nobody wants that mess on their face. So, we seek out remedies to beautify our eye smiles to get the perfect shape, style, color and look. Some of us have no brows, some have brows that are there but practically invisible, and some have bushes over their eyes while others have the unibrow. So what’s a girl or guy to do that is less than happy with the vibe their brows are conveying? Hire a professional of course.

Finding the right professional can be tricky and you never know if it is going to look good until you are handed that mirror at the end. I myself take no chances with my brows, and if you were wondering about my eye smile situation…. I have naturally platinum blonde brows that disappear and make me look bald in certain light. So I play no games with my brows and literally only go to Kreashenz Salon and Spa for my brow tinting and waxing.

Not only is Jacey (the owner and house esthetician) amazing at shaping and tinting brows, but she also uses only the best organic products. No red face, no irritation ,no puffy brows, just clean lines and perfect shaping. Once you find a good waxer you hold on to that and go nowhere else for fear of messing up the masterpiece! I would rather grow a unibrow than go anywhere else. When our brows are not right, we don’t feel right, if you know you know.

Take no chances with your eye smiles and get your next brow wax at Kreashenz! Honestly, I’m letting a secret out of the bag because they are really amazing at Kreashenz Salon and Spa!

And pssst….they wax much more than brows. Tell Jacey I sent you!

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