Hot Stones Massage


60 minutes

first time client

A massage that is customized just for you! Options include Swedish (Relaxation) Massage, Trigger Point, Hot Stones, Massage Cupping, Myofascial Release, Geriatric Massage, Prenatal Massage, and Reiki. All massages include consultation, hot and/or cold therapies, and aromatherapy

-90 minutes

-60 minutes

therapeutic swedish massage

A Swedish massage tailored to you. Designed to aid with stress reduction, improve relaxation, increase circulation, and relieve pain and discomfort from injuries. A head to toe massage with special attention to specific areas or leaving others alone. Leave feeling better and more refreshed than when you arrived!

45 minutes


60 minutes



Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet, hands and ears to help bring relaxation and healing to the body. This 30-minute session includes warm towel compresses and aromatherapy

60 minutes

reiki massage

Reiki Massage is the wonderful combination of Reiki and Massage Therapy. During your 60 minute session, I will use massage to loosen your muscles and I'll use Reiki in your areas of pain or where your chakras are blocked or need attention.

30 minutes

60 minutes

anatomy specific massage

90 minutes

hot stone massage

90 minute therapy using heated smooth stones to help relax muscles and connective tissue at a deeper level

60 minutes

reiki session

Pronounced "Ray Key," this simple hands on 60 minute healing method helps activate the healing energy within each of us. Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual healing is possible. Client is fully clothed as energy moves within and around the body.

60 minutes

massage for clients experiencing cancer

Did you know?

Monthly clients receive a reduced rate for coming in on a regular basis.

Customized massage and bodywork therapy based on your needs. Active and Passive ROM. Multiple Modalities. Multiple areas of concern. Hot and Cold therapies as needed.

A specially customized massage for those undergoing treatment for Cancer. This massage may include hot stones, aromatherapy and reflexology. Price is reduced in order to help make massage affordable during treatment.